Other research has similarly found increases in celiac diagnoses after the introduction of antibody testing. The current findings are based on 266 children who were referred to Alberta Children’s Hospital between 1990 and 2006 for an intestinal biopsy and ultimately diagnosed with celiac disease. Between 1990 and 1996 — before antibody tests were available — 36 children were diagnosed with celiac, 67 percent of whom had been referred for testing because of “classic” symptoms. The children were typically about 2 years old when diagnosed. In contrast, between 2000 and 2006, 199 children were diagnosed with celiac, with the typical age at diagnosis increasing to age 9. Only 19 percent of these children had classic celiac symptoms. Instead, 38 percent had atypical digestive symptoms, like chronic abdominal pain, while 15 percent had non-digestive symptoms, such as iron deficiency and poor growth. The rest of the children — 28 percent — had shown no clear symptoms, but were referred for testing because they had a family history of celiac disease or had medical conditions associated with a higher risk of the disorder, including type 1 diabetes and Down syndrome. In an interview, Butzner said that blood testing for celiac disease should be performed when a child has chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of any kind that do not improve on their own or respond to treatment. Testing might also be appropriate for children with a family history or celiac-associated medical conditions — though, Butzner said, it is controversial whether this should be done in the absence of celiac symptoms. He also stressed that the antibody blood tests are only a screening procedure and do not provide a definitive diagnosis. A positive test result, Butzner said, needs to be followed up by an intestinal biopsy.

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Biohit launches a new quick test – diagnosis of celiac disease possible from fingertip blood sample

Celiac disease is relatively common autoimmune disease in which the rye, wheat and barley protein (gluten) causes inflammation and damage of intestinal mucosa, which interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Quick test developed by Biohit confirms the diagnosis from a fingertip blood sample within ten minutes. Celiac quick test broadens the spectrum of Biohits diagnostic quick tests. The new test is CE-IVD registered and at the time of market entry available in European countries. Medical Director of Biohit Oyj, professorKari Syrjanen, MD, Ph.D., FIAC: “Quick test is an efficient method to diagnose celiac disease. The test measures gluten antibodies in serum and negative results exclude celiac disease. Compared to endoscopy, fingertip blood test is a much more pleasant way to make the diagnosis.” CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj: “The new test is simple, fast and reliable. The test will bring clear benefits in healthcare costs, because it reduces the number of unnecessary endoscopies. Quick test cost is a fraction compared to conventional diagnosis by endoscopic biopsy. ” Attachment: Celiac quick test brochure CEO Semi Korpela, Biohit Oyj Tel. +358 9 773861 investor.relations@biohit.fi Biohit in brief Biohit Oyj is a globally operating Finnish biotechnology company established in 1988. Biohit’s mission is “Innovating for Health”. The purpose of the company is to take social responsibility and produce innovation, new technologies and analysis systems for use in medicine, research institutions and industry, helping to promote research and diagnostics and to improve the quality of life of people by means of preventing disease, human suffering and financial loss. We are committed to social responsibility and it is our duty to spread knowledge about the Group I human carcinogen, acetaldehyde, and innovate and develop the marketing and availability of our products and services. Biohit is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and its subsidiaries are located in China, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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