and quite often gluten is causing the problem. Does gluten play a role in this every time? The answer is: not 100 percent of the time. But here’s the question: why would you force your body to process something that is the world’s hardest food to process (that includes meat). Today’s wheat has 42 chromosomes and is impossible to process. Why wouldn’t you give your body something it recognizes as food instead of a chemical invasion? Let your body absorb the real food’s nutrients easily, and allow your body to use up that extra free time to do something else… like flush fat. Trainers of the best athletes in the world work hard to figure out which foods they can process more easily with maximum nutrition. It is a “secret weapon” for them and the reason they get better results than the less informed. Guess what? You don’t need to be a competition bodybuilder to help your body run more efficiently. The same principles apply to anyone who is breathing now. You want maximum nutrition at minimum effort so that your body is free to do its normal functions plus have leftover energy to let you enjoy life. Getting to that place where you are functioning so well that the body you want is super easy to get (imagine that) as well as no 3 p.m.-hit-the-wall moments, no difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and being ready to go for a five mile walk after dinner instead of collapsing in a half-coma in front of the TV….

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